Jan 16, 2013

pj: new formosa

i've read about new formosa on several food blogs before it's supposed to be a long running taiwanese resto. then found out that it was nearby my workplace. we've been here a couple of times trying out different stuff. but here's a meal wherein we availed a dinner set.

grilled garlic prawn, nothing spectacular, it was ok.

stir fried mushrooms of some sort, it was okay.

buttered eel...i love eel :) and i love anything buttered. a buttered dish in malaysia is basically curry leaves, chilli padi (bird's eye chilli) fried in butter and then mixed with whatever fried/battered meat or seafood.

steamed fish, i don't like this version of steamed fish if i'm not mistaken this is teochew which is not taiwanese!!!. it's mildly seasoned and the ingredients doesn't do much on the fish. this is only perfect if the fish is very fresh otherwise one should stick to hongkong style which was soy and slivers of ginger which removes any possible fishy flavors. my colleagues chose this one and i didn't contend.

pig trotters....think pata tim. very soft practically falling off the bones with a nice salty and sweet sauce.

fried beancurd sheets with a smaller kind of bokchoy. it looks simple but this dish was made perfectly well.

muachi!!! this was complimentary and i loved it. soft sticky rice cubes dredged in crushed peanuts.

nicefood, good service, a great place for big gatherings and food to share.

new formosa
jalan ss2/24
on the left and side opposite mobil 
if coming from the old rothman roundabout

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