Jan 11, 2013

pj: dimsum feast at imperial garden

tai thong is a famous restaurant chain in kl and with a 50% off dimsum promotion, how can you resist? dimsum then costs the same as the ones in jalan ipoh but with better ambiance and "cleaner" food and service. this was actually a treat by one of my colleagues one fine lunch day.

pork filled chee cheong fun

shrimp filled chee cheong fun

radish cake

siu mai - look at the eggs they were real unlike aked esplanade's


fish ball

pork ribs with tausi

chicken feet - my dimsum staple :D

shark's fin? i don't think so. shark's fin dumpling is not common in kl this is probabaly just a regular pork dumpling.

everything was fine except for this one, i wanted to try a custard filled pao as it was my first time and i love custard. the dough was dry the custard was dry as well, totally forgettable. we also had egg tarts which i forgot to take a picture of.

overall the dimsum is good, the 50% off discount is definitely worth it, but i will never pay full price for yum cha i will just eat a regular meal at this place instead since price is a bit steep.

imperial garden
7th floor intan square
lorong utara c, petaling jaya

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