Jan 28, 2013

three restos on a christmas night

it's a christmas dinner with friends which ended up in three restos. first stop, wild flour.

freebie bread

mixed veggie tempura, light batter and a great selection of veggies including squash blossoms. bad thing? it was soooooo oily. we asked them to drain it out again and weren't sure if they did anything to remedy the oiliness. we didn't finish this one. i reckon it was cooked at the wrong temperature making it extremely oily....icky oily.

tarte flambe with gruyere, apple and arugula. it was good,  the three main ingredients complemented each other (i hate arugula but i still eat it plus b super loves it) you have salty, sweet and bitter. i just think that the crust was too thin or rather it was too wet to hold everything together.

roasted bone marrow, b and i always order bone marrow whenever it's on the menu. this was just alright. the mango salsa brightened up the oh so boring marrow. i think it still needs a minute or two under the broiler and more salt and pepper it was quite bland.

braised short rib. it was alright, it could have been more tender though. i liked it but b finds it a bit expensive. this was 700PHP ++ me thinks. so what do you think? was it over priced? 

we didn't make reservations so we were in such a hurry. we were only given about an hour to have dinner. the meal was ok, but i deem that the dishes could have been done much better. 

so because of that artery clogging meal, it was so apt to get some tea. we wanted to try da u de as well which was just next door. we perused the menu but there wasn't anything exciting for desserts so we just had tea. i forgot what we chose, it was a special blend of fruits. their wait staff needs to be trained more. we basically got nothing out of him so we just chose a flavor ourselves. 

the unique tea contraption...was wondering why we were served with clear plasticky looking cups which raised our eyebrows but then they brought out the tea pot which explained why the cups were such.

i liked the fruity tones of the tea no sugar needed or maybe we were just trying to be healthy because of that marrow and oily tempura from dinner. i hope they had more exciting pastries because if they had we would have stayed. 

still unable to satiate our palates and in dire need of something sweet, we walked further to bhs central.  slice was full, and b is not happy with the cake club so we just ended up in village tavern.

there was a bit of drama with that whole bistro card that b availed but i already blogged about that here.

we initially wanted to order two desserts, but we had the thai chicken salad first and because we were still full we had to cancel the other dessert and opt for just the carrot cake. doesn't it look oh so yummy. it was, actually, the carrot cake was very moist and warm. i was just disappointed because i thought it had cream cheese icing. the icing on this one was just too cloying for me. arrrgh! b and i always become victims of this supposed much raved about restos which always fall short of our expectations. i am not sure if it was just what we ordered or we just have such high expectations that we just get disappointed when it doesn't deliver up to par. 

because we weren't overjoyed with this christmas dinner. we followed it up with a chrismas lunch to make ourselves happy, i'll post that one next.

wildflour cafe
da u de tea lounge

g/f net lima bldg
4th ave cor 26th 
the fort, taguig

village tavern
bhs central
the fort, taguig

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