Jan 3, 2013

pj: icook italian

there's limited affordable lunch options near my workplace. for a foodie like me, sometimes i really have to spend to gear away from the normal lunch places i dine at. one time i decided to try icook italian.

 my fresh carrot and apple juice with a whopping RM8 or 9 price tag (i forgot already), and yeah the glass is as small as a cup. i dunno if it's there's even at least 250ml in there. i just couldn't fathom the price.

my chicken panini. i was happy to see it was big at RM22 if i remembered correctly i thought it was a good deal. but lo and behold, the chicken inside? was paper thin. seriously, i don't know how they where able to slice it that thin plus the chicken was so dry already. i wouldn't mind having just half of this size with a much thicker chicken breast! 

maybe i should have tried the pasta? or the pizza? or maybe the famous roasted chicken. but unfortunately, i wasn't in the mood for those and i wasn't a happy camper when i went out of here. the potatoes were nice though :P. i'll post some more lunch spots and you'll realize where i'm coming from or how willing i am to spend as long as it is worth it.

icook italian
3 twosquare
section 14, petaling jaya

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