Jan 28, 2013


when deal grocer offered vouchers for bistecca i knew i had to grab it. in one of my christmas lunches i used it and it was good enough to feed 3 people who didn't have breakfast. yeah that's how filling this was.

their famous truffle fries, seasoned with parmesan and truffle. honestly, i wasn't amazed. the flavors were too subtle. i've read people had seconds but for me, one order was enough not because i was counting my calorie intake but it wasn't just that mind blowing. maybe if the fries were more crunchy instead of soggy it could have been a hit.

their steak sandwich. it's a one and half feet long ciabatta bread with 3 flavors.

surf and turf has slices of beef, shrimp and blue cheese mayo dressing. i liked this one because of the subtle flavors nothing too salty (ok just so you know, i've acquired the malaysian palate which is less tolerant with salty and sweet food, my family now thinks everything i cook is matabang). this one is not  matabang it was really flavorful.

french dip is slices of beef with jus and cheese. this was way salty, though my friends say it still suits the filipino palate. this was like bistek tagalog sans the citrus undertones and paired with cheese. it was also nice just didn't suit my now malaysian palate.

bbq beef, i don't know if it was intentional or not but this has very dry beef unlike the first two wherein you have tender slivers of beef, this one has dry bordering crunchy beef which actually works for me. imagine a well seasoned beef charred well that it creates a crunchy layer of meat with intense flavors of sweet, salty and smokiness paired with a red cabbage slaw that adds the right tartness to balance the flavors. that's what the bbq beef was for me. it was my second favorite.

overall, it was a good meal, especially since i got it with a huge discount. maybe i should have dinner there next time and try the steaks and other dishes.

joya tower
rockwell, makati city

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