Jan 28, 2013

surf and turf l'entrecote style

finally, i was able to try l'entrecote. this is one of my christmas lunches and was really happy with this meal. this is one of the rare occasions i order wine, i think it best suits a meal with steak. i might not have followed the cardinal rule of red wine for red meat but i think white wine is still better than ordering iced tea, don't yah think?

complimentary bread - what do you call this type of bread? crunchy on the outside but has a soft and pillowy inside and of course it was warm, perfect!

fondue cheese bites, i've read so much about this and being a cheese lover myself i wanted to try it. it was such a disappointment. i didn't taste anything cheesy about it and i can taste the oil in the bread,  it was bordering rancid. i am not even sure if this was freshly made.

l'entrecote menu, this comes with the steak and fries and salad, there's another menu that comes with wine and dessert already but we just opted for this so we can choose our wine and we weren't keen on getting dessert anyway. i liked the dressing of the salad it was light and flavorful. it balanced out the rich and creamy herb butter sauce of the steak.

the steak with the secret herb butter sauce and homemade fries.  loved the tender steak it was cooked just right and the butter sauce was flavorful and the homemade fries also made the calories oh so worth it. there's a tealight candle at the bottom of the plate to keep it warm which is a brilliant idea. though it dries up the sauce and could cook your steak much further at least you won't end up finishing a steak with grease.

pasta with spinach cream with lobster, this is to "balance out" the protein rich steak. i wanted lobster instead of lapu-lapu which you could choose for your pasta. i also thought that even though it's spinach cream it wouldn't be too cloying and thankfully i was right. the pasta wasn't cream heavy and i liked the smokey charred flavor of the lobster. a perfect dish for those who want to skip their meat.

aside from the forgettable cheese bites, annoying fly inside the resto which the wait staff relentlessly tried to "kill" in fairness to them, i also found the menu quite confusing. maybe they were trying to emulate a bistro or brasserie type of menu? i'm not sure i have yet to go to paris to validate that. but it was really confusing - various fonts, not so obvious categorization of menu items, it was a bit of challenge considering it was just a four page menu if i'm not mistaken. that's about it. i still love the food and would definitely go back.

burgos circle
the fort, taguig

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