Jan 4, 2013

pj: bangkok house

one of my favorite lunch places. i always dine here when i really want good food and can splurge a little. i only manage to capture some of the food i've tried here but the best is the tom yum !!!

fried chicken wings 

yummy tom yum can be had with either chicken or seafood. i prefer the seafood. this one has coconut milk but not that cloying with the right balance of spiciness and tartness, the flavors just explode once you sip the broth. i've tried the tomyum meehoon and it uses the same tom yum just with added meehoon, a perfect meal if you're on a tighter budget.

spring rolls

my other favorite aside from the tom yum is this meal with a spicy fried rice with generous amounts of shrimps, steamed veggies and salted egg. totally delish! you can skip the spring rolls, fish cakes and the vietnamese noodles (yeah i also wonder why they have that in a thai resto). quench your thirst with my favorite lemongrass iced tea. 

bangkok house
3 two square
section 14, petaling jaya

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