Jan 8, 2013

kl: goku raku ramen

it's not only manila that there's a ramen fever. for a country which has a lot of good japanese restos, it is no wonder that ramen places are starting to sprout in kl too. 

one rainy day (i actually can't remember if it was hehe) i had a ramen craving. the thing is, i love noodles but somehow i am very picky with my ramen so i don't normally crave for one due to the fear of ending up with bad ramen noodles. i don't like the eggy, doughy ramen, i like them springy, fresh - i am no ramen expert so i can't be too descriptive.

so anyway, i tried goku ramen which i've read some reviews on. i ordered the gyoza, i like the thin crispy skin but i don't like the filling. in fairness to them, i have yet to find a gyoza filling that suits my palate. it seems that all gyozas have the same sourish filling or maybe i have just been unlucky.

this is their goku ramen? i am not sure what this is but the tonkotsu broth, egg, chasyu and nori enticed me...things i want in my ramen. i didn't like the ramen noodles that much. so i was happy i only ordered the small one :) . all i can say is, i'm sure there are better ones out there. but this place is packed so maybe they're good and i just can't appreciate a good bowl of ramen.

goku ramen
midvalley megamall

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