Jan 9, 2013

kl: did i go loco over loco?

i believe this was one of my birthday dinners. wanted to try out the new mexican resto near my friend's place.  kl is in dire need of better mexican restos there's only a few and i don't think they fare well against the ones in manila.

so here's what we got at loco.

fried jalapeño polenta - this was a disappointment, tasteless and very dry.

duck chimichanga - ok, i didn't know chimichangas are round. i grew up loving miggy's chimichanga which is flat with hefty chicken meat, corn and cheese inside. anyway, having duck as the meat was a refreshing take on this mexican treat. however, the sauce on the side was far from being mexican it actually seemed like a sambal sauce. there are other sauces on the table, 3 types of salsas to be exact and none of which had the distinct mexican flavors of fresh chillis and herbs so it was really a miss. the duck chimichangga itself was nicely filled with shredded duck meat and was fried to perfection. you can try it out yourself maybe it suits your palate.

changkat bukit bintang
kuala lumpur 

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