Jan 23, 2013

sg: dean and deluca

drumroll please....this was my best 2012 meal. when i learned about dean and deluca opening in singapore i got so excited and then a friend posted being there which made me more obsessed. good thing i had an impromptu trip to sg late last year which allowed me to try out the place. it was full and we really waited in line to get seated. here's what we got.

they have quite a few salads, they all looked great. we went for grilled chicken salad with grapes, apples and walnuts. it was a classic combination but nonetheless good with a very light vinaigrette. this was filling and perfect for those on a diet ;).

portobello cheeseburger??? super yummy, has a cheese sauce that was not cloying and perfectly complemented the mushrooms and the juicy burger. munching on my fries dipped in ketchup i tasted something else. i ate another piece without ketchup and then another one. holy moly, it's truffle fries!!! i was so excited with this one.

french toasts with caramelized bananas, berries and vanilla ice cream. i actually posted the photos in reverse. we got the french toasts first and it was happiness in my mouth. brioche coated with cornflakes fried to perfection, a nice caramel with fruits and ice cream it was heaven. i had to stop myself to make room for the other two. 

their signature drink is marble latte which is what me and my friends got. it's dark and white chocolate latte. it was good but for 8SGD i'd probably drink something else next time. because the food is good, it's better to just have a plain drink like water or brewed coffee. this was a very good meal in sg. a must for anyone who can try it.

dean and deluca 
orchard central 
orchard road, singapore

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