Jan 28, 2013


just one quick post before that christmas lunch i talked about earlier. here's another casual dinner with friends at chihuahua.  kl lacks the kind of tex-mex restos that have sprouted in manila and i so wanted my burrito bowl.

their in house hot sauce concoction of charlie sheen. was already happy with it, added kick to the salsas they have.

nacho grande??? forgot the exact name got everything on it nachos. it was nice.

my chicken salad, yupyup i didn't get the burrito bowl because i don't like rice. the salad is basically like a burrito bowl sans the rice. it's refreshing, i needed this dose of tex-mex in my diet.

greenbelt 2

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  1. Wow seeing this, makes me crave for nachos more and more. I like this place.

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