Dec 27, 2012

village tavern, second time around

just additional pictures from village tavern from a recent outing.

village tavern appetizer sampler (left to right, top to bottom) - quesadilla, calamari, crab cakes and egg roll. dunno what happened but the crab cake didn't taste like the first time i tried it. nothing stood out on this sampler.

white fish with pasta (forgot the name) but definitely this was not cream dory, we were told it's snapper so that sold it for my mom. i liked this one.

thai chicken salad - loved this one though it is heavy on the dressing which i told the staff. fair enough they wanted to replace it but we opted otherwise.

service was great as always. i really commend the service at village tavern. however, during a more recent visit we had some issues with the bistro card but that's a totally different story.

if someone from the bistro group gets to read this i hope they do something about the misleading bistro card which is really a disappointment.

village tavern
bhs central
the fort, taguig 

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