Dec 13, 2012

sunday feast at mosaic

mosaic is where mandarin oriental kuala lumpur offers their daily buffet. i've eaten there twice already but here's my post on the first outing.

i think i ate more during the first outing and it was a good dining experience for me that's why i asked my friends to go there for a second time. anyway, here's what i ate.

some fried rice, seabass with black bean sauce and some snow peas.

grilled ribeye (not mine), grilled seabass, lamb chops

oysters, shrimps, octopus, salmon and chuka wakame

can't get enough of the oysters so i got more, some more rice since i was afraid my tummy will go bad after the oysters i've eaten and some beef

sweet and sour shrimps freshly cooked upon request plump and juicy shrimps that were lightly breaded. it was perfect.

my buffet staples, creme brulee and bread pudding (ok this is really recycled bread because the second time i ate there i tasted hints of toasted coconut in the bread and it was a choco-vanilla bread of some sort unlike the first time i had it)

coconut with sago and corn sans the sticky rice which is a common filipino snack.

more creme brulee hehe, plums, goat cheese with dried apricot and figs.

i liked mosaic's buffet because of its price point. it's a bit lower than other buffets plus they have a better selection of hot dishes and the grill section makes up for it a lot. i also liked that during my first outing the chinese station also offers freshly cooked shrimps with at least 5 ways of cooking it. the sashimi and desserts still goes to shangri-la's lemon garden. make sure to make reservations they really do give you the best seats if you reserve early enough.

mandarin oriental

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