Nov 12, 2012

sg: saboten

i've read a lot about saboten and with yabu's launch in manila it piqued my interest. so let's see how saboten fared.

the freebie shredded cabbage. it was so thin unlike yabu's. well i enjoy eating cabbage with both the yuzu and goma (sesame) dressing regardless of the thickness. actually, in retrospect i think the slightly thicker cabbages of yabu makes the dressing adhere to it better without being too overpowering.

the famous black sesame that is grounded up and mixed with the tonkatsu sauce. honestly, i didn't notice any difference in flavor between black and white.

when i dined in saboten last june (yes, super delayed post) the montly special was cheese mentai...cod roe. not sure if it was chicken stuffed with cheese and cod roe but it was so good and suprisingly not cloying. i had a mixed set so you can see an ebi and of course tonkatsu.

what i noticed though was saboten wasn't oily at all unlike yabu. yabu should really master that, because at the right temperature the food will absorb less oil which also lessens the cloying effect. however, can you see how thin my tonkatsu was. yeah it wasn't substantive enough.

dessert, is already part of the set which is macha ice cream. love green tea ice cream. also, the hot/cold green tea are complimentary if i'm not mistaken.

if i can remember correctly my set was around SGD35. it's actually quite steep, but heck it's in singapore. will i go again? if they still have the cheese mentai i will :D otherwise, yabu is good enough to satiate my tonkatsu cravings.

millenia walk, singapore

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