Nov 10, 2012

monsieur pierre herme

i guess the battle of the best french macaron is between laduree and pierre herme. i was lucky enough to try both even without having been to paris or france yet. so here's my pierre herme "presentation"

here's the casual paper bag it's a plain white paper bag with cut outs and the pierre herme is on the side. quite the opposite from the laduree.

this is the box, i like its rectangular shape.

i also like that there's a brochure inside which provides a guide for the flavors.

the box is perfect for the macarons, it holds them properly and in place. unlike laduree which all look cramped inside and had the tendency to get squished.

here they are, without any bites yet :D.  i was able to get a hold of myself and took a picture first before biting into them, yes one by one as well. i wanted to try each flavor as fresh as i could possible get them it was nearing the 3 day best before date as well.

ok, this is a shame i can't remember the flavors anymore :( . ok, it's on the website the les jardins collection is for 2012. listing them down below.

top to bottom (l-r): mint, creme brulee
                              olive oil with mandarin orange,  mosaic (pistacchio, ceylon cinnamon and cherries),
                              medelice (hazelnut and lemon)
                              salted caramel, chocolate and caramel

unlike the laduree, the pierre herme macarons have the same type of filling. they are all like a buttercream filling as you can see in the picture of them inside the box. it's less sweeter than laduree but it has a more crunchy meringue. yes, this is the reason why i wasn't impressed with pierre herme (sorry for pierre herme fans). laduree had this very thin crispy coating with a soft chewy inside, plus the variety in filling textures makes laduree more exciting to eat.

so i guess that's it. laduree wins! but then again, different strokes for different folks so you might think otherwise.

pierre herme

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