Nov 6, 2012

nanbentei of tokyo

i was browsing my mobile pics earlier and realized i have so much backlog. i checked my lappy and saw these photos from last year!!!

nanbentei of tokyo has been a fixture in greenbelt for God knows how long. i always wondered what food they serve. eventually i read reviews that they serve yakitori. just yakitori? and yet it has sustained business in gb3, they must be really good.

i had lunch with m and nanbentei is one of her favorites so we headed there.

freebie veggie sticks with a thick sweet and salty sauce which i dunno what.

we ordered a yakitori platter which i already forgot what. they don't come altogether. they serve  the yakitoris as soon as they get cooked so you get to eat them as fresh as they can get. if im not mistaken the ones in the picture are pork and asparagus, pork that's shaped round and i can still remember it was a tad salty and some chicken with leeks/spring onions.

not in the pictures were the chicken wings??? and my favorite which was potato wrapped in bacon. that was the best yakitori i had.

i wasn't actually impressed. maybe the meal was too dry for me. eating sticks and sticks of grilled meat pieces none of which were basted with sauce could be quite cloying. i can't remember if they had other food items aside from sushi and sashimi, if they do maybe it's better to mix them up with the meal and not just feed yourself with yakitoris.

still a must try, when you find yourself in GB3 and if i'm not mistaken they now have a branch at the fort.

nanbentei of tokyo
greenbelt 3

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