Nov 9, 2012

one meal wonders or not

here's a compilation of my meals from various restos that didn't really have enough material to have a post of their own. just see my comments.


lou shu fan from taiwan recipe - not your typical lou shu fan but a yummy one indeed. those taiwan sausages are really good.

assam fish from a simple life - this is a vegetarian restaurant and i love their assam fish has the right blend of sweetness, spiciness and tartness. the seaweed really gives the illusion that it's real fish plus nothing beats brown rice which i love.

roasted chicken with chicken rice at a kopi tiam in ss2 - i forgot the exact name of the place it's the same row as kfc. this is not your roasted chicken in a chicken rice shop. this is western style roasted chicken plus chicken rice. talk about east meets west. i liked this meal though.

chilli pan mee from super kitchen - this chilli pan mee is called lat jui pan mee which is basically a dry pan mee, has ground pork, soft boiled egg, ikan bilis (dried crispy anchovy) and some leafy veggie. there's two restos i frequent that serve this, both are equally good but super kitchen adds fried onions me thinks which makes the pan mee more tasty.

stewed pork, duck and intestines with pickled veggies from teo chew h&l - nothing much to say, when i'm in the mood to eat this, i go here. all meats are tender, well braised and flavorful perfect with a hot steaming cup of rice.

curry laksa from henry cook - not as thick and creamy as old town's which they stopped serving. i guess this is the reason i like it i don't feel guilty as much when i eat this. 

salmon sashimi from tokyo shokudo - nothing really extraordinary, i just wanna share the unique serving vessel. the sashimi was thick and fresh no complaints. oh yeah, this was the meal i was afraid i'd have to wash dishes because apparently i didn't have that much cash with me. luckily the entire meal was less than 50RM!


oyster mee sua from shihlin taiwan street snacks - nothing really much to stay. i am not sure if all oyster mee sua tastes like this but it's somethin you don't have to try.

dolsot bibimbap from seoul seoul - lacks flavor there's nothing much more to stay. it was a miss.

pan mee from ying ker lou - this was a dismal pan mee. it wasn't piping hot so it means it wasn't freshly made, i mean the noodles. unlike in other pan mee places they really cook the noodles fresh!

taiwan recipe
pearl point hotel
midvalley megamall

a simple life
ss2 mall

super kitchen pan mee
sri petaling

teo chew h&l
sri petaling

henry cook
ss2 mall

tokyo shokudo
midvalley megamall

shihlin taiwan street snacks
the gardens midvalley

seoul seoul

ying ker lou
the gardens midvalley

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