Nov 9, 2012

kl: twg tea salon

hi-tea or tea time is basically malaysia's version of merienda, which they probably got from the brits. there used to be a raffles cafe at the pavilion which i have failed to try and was eventually replaced by twg. i really thought twg was twinings but i was mistaken, it's a tea company which originated from singapore.

here's my long overdue post on twg tea salon in kl, somehow timely since they recently opened in greenbelt 5. i dunno how many tea blends they have but it's definitely overwhelming. they have very nice packaging perfect as gifts. 

grand wedding and weekend in venice both very light the grand wedding has peach and vanilla if i'm not mistaken.

the twg salad? i forgot the name. it has a foie gras terrine the yellow square you can see on the right side, fresh succulent shrimps as evident in the picture and some smoked salmon. this was light and yet indulgent because of the terrine. we've got some brioche for the terrine if i'm not mistaken. i already forgot!

my sad eggs benedict (pardon the blurry photos i had no idea i took super crappy photos onwards). the eggs looked so ugly don't yah think? and the hollaindaise wasn't as rich as i expected.

truffle fries with genmacha or green tea powder. it was also so so, the truffle wasn't as evident as i wanted it to be. similarly, the green tea didn't have any effect on the palate.

baked salmon? it wasn't mine. i dunno how it really fared if i remember correctly is was bordering being overcooked but the sauce on the side which is some kind of reduction made this dish flavorful enough.

on another outing i had this. silver moon tea, i wanted more vanilla but the strawberry undertones of this tea was more dominant. also, i thought my tea wasn't served that hot.

madeleines with cream and jam, unfortunately daniel boulud ruined madeleines for me, i will never have a better madeleine than db bistro moderne's

the tea is a whopping RM18 a pot, yes you get to have a pot. they are color coded with black and white so if two of you are dining you'd know which is which. the salad was definitely worth it. the first meal i had was roughly RM200 that was the salad, eggs, salmon and fries plus 2 pots of tea so it's pretty steep. will i dine again? i think so, it's overly priced, i know! but the whole tea drinking experience is really fun. i love teas :).

twg tea salon
bukit bintang

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