Jun 21, 2012

db: bistro moderne

it was my annual sg trip =), well there are various reasons why i go to sg but usually i go atleast once a year. anyway, since R1 was disappointed that i didn't invite him during my dinner at pizzeria mozza i made sure i did this time, well i had no choice actually :P (kidding, i know he'll probably get to read this). we invited a couple of friends to join us as well.

the db dinner setting, sorry photos were bad i specifically brought my cam for this meal but unfortunately i left  it in the hotel :(.

complimentary bread, they were nice and warm, no complaints but sometimes i wish restos would serve soft rolls as well.

foie gras terrine, rhubarb duo and mache (28SGD)

based on the other posts i've read regarding this, it seems that the fruit/condiment of the terrine varies, i guess it depends on the season. this was love. it was a great way to start the meal. the foie gras was rich and was perfectly complemented by the rhubarb.

brioche, i think a more toasty brioche would be more apt or a totally different bread because the brioche is a bit rich. requested for refills because these slices were not enough :D.

the original db burger (38 SGD)

sirloin burger filled with braised short ribs and foie gras

i don't know how to exactly describe it, but i felt that the short ribs was too much for this burger that it drowned the foie gras. also, the burger was dry for me, i had it in medium and yet it was not juicy enough for me. or maybe, because the foie gras terrine just left such an impression that it ruined the burger for me, i dunno but i wasn't really impressed.

salad tropezienne 

someone who was full didn't want to order anything exciting so he opted for this. i should have tried it! it has fennel. oh well no comments on this one since i didn't get to try.

we also ordered the frenchie burger which i forgot to take a picture of, i ate the pork belly confit of that burger because someone didn't want to eat pork!


this was complimentary too :D thank you db!!! but it can be had for 8 SGD and believe me it would be worth it. too bad we were so full we couldn't finish this basket we only had one or two each. this was amazing. warm madeleines with crunchy edges, soft and pillowy insides with that hint of orange that bursts in your mouth. yummy!

i could still dream about the foie gras terrine and madeleines they were sublime! i wouldn't mind coming back.

db bistro moderne
marina bay sands

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