Jun 13, 2012

village tavern

new restos started opening up at bonifacio high street central, it's the complex where jamba juice is. one of the restos that piqued my interest was village tavern. it's a franchise from the us if i'm not mistaken.

it was a friday night and we didn't make any reservations plus they were catering the nokia lumianation so it was really crowded. but since our friends weren't there yet, we agreed to just wait for a table. they gave us complimentary non alcoholic drinks which was great. the wait staff was very accommodating too. during the entire wait period of maybe 30 mins. we didn't feel like we were forgotten considering they were so busy plus it rained so the outdoor seating also got affected. 

let's move on to the food. there's only one thing that i wanted to try. crab cakes!

there are two crab cakes in the menu - an appetizer and the entree. when i gave my order they just asked me whether i want the single serving or the family/to share. so i said the single serving. they gave me the appetizer version so i was really disappointed. anyway, they took back my crab cake and made it into the entree serving. actually the only difference was the fries. the appetizer didn't have fries. anyway, i wanted to move past beyond this debacle. the crab cake was really flavorful. the reviews were right, you don't need any additional dressing you can eat it on its own. it was really good. the salad was bitter not sure if it was because of the radicchio. 

salmon with couscous - i wonder why the couscous are so big they look like quinoa. i didn't really try the entire dish but i felt like the couscous was strongly flavored.

this was the flatbread pizza me thinks...not sure not my order and i was too full to try it.

overall, i had a pleasant experience. the service and food were great. no complaints from my friends...well except for the drinks, yeah i recommend skipping the alcoholic beverages :). but it's a must try i hope the quality of food and service never deteriorate.

village tavern
bonifacio high street central
the fort, taguig

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