Jun 8, 2012

one of those expensive dinners

i actually forgot how much but most probably between 25-30RM per pax hehe and for regular folks that is an expensive office dinner.

gao ren guan is one of those finer dining family style chinese restaurants, simply because it's in a mall which guarantees a better ambiance and cleanliness. don't be fooled though, we usually spend the same amount when dining at regular side street types of chinese restos. anyway let's move on. here's what we got.

stuffed bitter gourd - i don't like this size of bitter gourd because i know it is bitter and it was. this one is stuffed with ground pork/beef?, i think that the boiling/stewing process just eradicated any possible nutrient we can get from the supposedly healthy bitter gourd. i don't like this dish.

steamed chicken with ginseng? not sure but it was nice.

my favorite dish of the night and not sure what it was called. just think ginormous ma po tofu hehe. basically tastes like the usual ma po tofu but instead of cubed tofu they served it whole.

steamed fish with chilli and soybean me thinks...nothing special though it was just ok.

gao ren guan
jaya one
jalan universiti, petaling jaya

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