Jun 8, 2012

sticky bones at morganfields

i have so much backlog...let's do a marathon. wanted to try a new place for easter and decided to eat at morganfield's which specializes in ribs.

my half slab of ribs, got the sticky bones which is basically the traditional flavor of hickory smoked ribs. it was aptly seasoned with the right mixture of sweetness, saltiness and tanginess. however, i didn't get much of the smoked hickory flavor that i love on a good bbq. nonetheless it was good, the meat was tender and juicy. unfortunately my other friend's ribs were not as tender and juicy it was a bit dry. usually served with fries and coleslaw, i requested it to be changed to baked potato and i appreciate the fact that i can do that.

pavilion mall
bukit bintang, kl

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