Jun 14, 2012

ben's independent grocer

as the name suggests, B.I.G. is actually a grocery but not just a typical grocery. they offer mostly imported items that are not common finds in your neighborhood grocery. they have truffles, fine meats, various infused oils, a wide range of nuts and a lot more...i found my chia seeds here :D.

aside from scouting for truffle products and the foie gras which i didn't see because i failed to check out the non halal section there's also an eatery inside. i was keen on trying their items because of their not so common western fare.

my crab and zucchini quiche. i liked the crispy edges, and the less "eggy" filling. however i couldn't taste the crab and zucchini, so i guess the egg was still an overpowering element. it comes with a choice of side, there's a variety to choose from and i got the potato salad. what surprised me was that the potato salad has smoked salmon...yummeh!

this was their reuben sandwich, the side was barley with mushrooms. we were keen on trying this side but it fell short of our expectations. it has an overpowering limau/calamansi/lime flavor, there's no other hint of herbs that can brighten up this salad and the mushrooms seem to be underdone. i didn't try the sandwich itself so i have no comments on that.

this is grilled corn with crab. well who doesn't like grilled corn? this was nice and refreshing. though in retrospect i wan't able to get any hints of crab even though i can see it in the salad.

the food was ok, there's no wow factor but a very much welcomed break from all the typical rice and noodle dishes i get to eat on a daily basis. what bothered us the most was the service. first, the orders got mixed up and they actually didn't explain to us that our orders had side dishes already. then, our iced teas were served without the sugar syrup, we had to ask for it and it took sometime before they served it to us. even the request for cutleries took a long time, we just decided to check the other tables for what we needed. and lastly, it took a long time for the bill to arrive. the place wasn't really that busy except when we were about to leave already and there's relatively sufficient wait staff to address our needs so i don't know why they had such a bad service.

ben's independent grocer

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