Jun 13, 2012

korean fare at sariwon

i love korean food! so i was really keen on trying sariwon which is one of the new restos in bhs central, also another franchised restaurant.

wet towels?  yup, if only i had the before picture you would know why i took a picture of this. the original towel was only half the size of the one in the picture. they would pour water on it and voila, you'll get these rehydrated wet towels.

this is a recommended drink, i forgot the name something like herb citrus cooler. it was very refreshing and had the right amount of tartness to complement the spicy, sweet and salty flavors your palate gets to experience during your meal.

of course it's not a korean restaurant if there are no freebie banchan.

my favorites were the crispy anchovies aka dilis and the pickled radish. my dad liked the potato salad and my mom having been to seoul recently is still on her kimchi addiction.

this is galbi something...oh gheez please forgive me for forgetting the names. galbi means short ribs if i'm not mistaken. there are only two versions, one is fresh and another is marinated. this was the marinated version. 

the galbi on the grill.

cooked galbi with all the sides. it was tender and seasoned just right. galbi has become my favorite, it recently overtook samgyupsal =) .

korean bbq will not be complete without the lettuce and gochujang (soybean and chilli paste), there's an extra leaf there...i remember before i was told it was sesame leaf  from my previous korean dining experience but this time i was told it was mint and it actually tastes like mint, the one i tried before didn't taste like mint so i'm not sure if they are one and the same but looks very similar.

korean hotpot - yes i am making up the name. not sure which korean hotpot/soup this was. it was a bit sweet for my liking and wasn't spicy at all. we were told they had to tone down the flavors to suit the filipino palate. too bad, i still prefer authentic korean flavors. but this one is very sulit, tons of mushrooms, beef slices and the korean vermicelli...think sukiyaki korean version.

dak galbi - yeah i am not making this up, this was the actual name. grilled tender chicken pieces, it was good.

for korean food newbies, i think that sariwon will definitely tickle your taste buds. for someone looking for authentic korean flavors, this could be a bit of a disappointment. still a good eat especially if you are in the bhs area and looking for something different from the western cuisines that most of the restos there have to offer.

bonifacio high street central
the fort, taguig