Jun 8, 2012

a different kind of japanese craving

when i crave for japanese food it's usually because i want to eat salmon sashimi or salmon head nabe. two things that can only be had in a good jap restaurant. but upon reading so much posts about mangetsu and its fried shishamo i just kept on salivating. i love fish roe and unfortunately shisamo in kl is usually served grilled, and for me that it quite boring.

then i came across watami which serves deep fried shishamo...yahooo!

fried shishamo - drizzle with lemon and dip in japanese mayo and it's perfect! unfortunately i couldn't finish everything and had to bring it home. when i reheated it it wasn't as crisp as when i first had it. yeah i even deep fried it again but it really lost its light crispiness. so no leftovers for this one next time.

tonpeiyaki - read good reviews on this one. thin omelette wraps itself around finely shredded cabbage and ground beef and cheese? i forgot if it has cheese. it was perfect! actually it was the sauce that pulled this thing together. the sauce added a different dimension to the typical flavors that the eggs, beef and cabbage had which themselves were a perfect combination. 

pavilion mall
bukit bintang, kl

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