Jun 12, 2011

sg: pizzeria mozza

pizzeria mozza, is one of mario batali's restos at the marina bay sands. i believe that this is the most affordable celebrity resto at the marina bay sands. i just read so many good reviews that i knew i had to try it.

table setting was casual. the cutleries and serviette are in the envelope. i didn't like my seat though because the spotlight was pointing straight to my face.

freebie crisps served in paperbag. the crisps have strong flavors of cheese and herbs.

mozza caprese - not your typical insalata caprese. this one uses very soft mozzarella, topped with pesto and roasted tomatoes. i loved this. all the flavors work together.

meatballs - forgot the exact name. spicy meatballs which i really liked, the toasted garlic bread on top was perfectly seasoned.

funghi pizza - a variety of mushrooms that gave this pizza a burst of earthly flavors. nice crunchy dough which i really liked.

closer look at the pizza, it was actually huge substantive, good for two people to share.

first, you have to make reservations. the place is packed. we arrived there 10 minutes earlier and we were told that we were early, as such, no seats are available. we had to stroll around first and then they called us up minutes later. the service was great, the wait staff was very attentive of course some were pinoys similar to ps cafe. they set your expectation on food delivery a bit longer like the pizza but food comes relatively quick.

i would definitely come back. hopefully, with a much bigger appetite, there's roasted bone marrow to try or i might opt for the more expensive osteria mozza which has a different menu and just across the reception area.

pizzeria mozza
marina bay sands, singapore
here's their full menu


  1. Hi. Are the pizza one size only? How big is it? (or small)? I read from one blog that the pizza's are kinda small. Like, 1 pizza is good for 1 person only...

    How much was the damage if you don't mind me asking.

  2. hi chinoy,

    yeah the pizza is one size only. i guess the size is relative depends on the appetite and other side orders. i am not sure but it's more or less an 8 inch pizza. you can visit their website http://www.pizzeriamozza.com/ you can see the full menu with prices. enjoy!