Jun 12, 2011

sg: wee nam kee

ok i have too much backlog and honestly i am getting lazy. i'll do quickie posts and should prevent a lot of segue on this singapore series. when wee nam kee opened in manila, i said to myself i ought to try it. and what better place than singapore right? when i got to singapore we went straight to wee nam kee.

pardon the photos, i think my LX5 did good justice considering i did not use a flash and we were seated on the farthest table from the store by the road, thus no light - i could barely see what we were eating.

steamed chicken - we wanted to get the roasted one because according to reviews it was better than the steamed but they have ran out. actually, i prefer steamed compared to roasted i just hate it when it's not well cooked though. anyway, we got the breast part so everything was well cooked. what amazed me was how tender it was, i hate the breast part because it's too dry. but this one was so perfect it has a melt in your mouth texture. for the chicken rice itself, not that flavorful actually. i now know what other people are talking about.

cereal prawns - i don't think i've actually tried cereal prawns so i wanted to try this. i have no point of comparison but i like it. not oily and yet has this buttery flavor - planta galore!

i'll try to update this with the prices since this was my welcome to sg dinner sponsored by H =).

wee nam kee
novena ville
thomson road, singapore

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