Jun 12, 2011

sg: ps cafe

i had no plans when i went to sg except to try wee nam kee, happy lemon and pizzeria mozza. random thought came into mind, i wanted truffle fries. we searched the web and found ps cafe. this is supposed to be a relatively popular resto with branches all over singapore. we decided to have brunch there.

i liked the ambiance of the place. it was rainy that morning, thus the gloomy outdoors. i liked the flower on our table and look at those sugar cubes.

closer look you have some spices in there too.

the truffle fries - i shouldn't be disappointed in a sense that i knew it was not homecut fries and probably just the frozen ones. what disappointed me was all i could taste is parmesan contrary to the reviews i've read. this really needs more flavor...more parsley perhaps and more truffle!!! i did not find any hints of truffle on these fries.

i forgot what this one is, i think this is the ps big bacon and eggs. we split the serving into two because this was huge! soft eggs, well seasoned mushrooms, spicy chorizo but a not so crispy bacon. the only downer were the bacon and the bread, i found it a bit chewy.

we had illy coffee to go with these. it was an opulent lazy brunch on a rainy saturday morning. but it felt perfect. service was great, the ambience was nice. we loved the house water which was served with all sorts of fruits and veggies (yeah i saw a slice of carrot in the pitcher) it gave the plain water some nice flavors mine has strong hints of strawberry which i loved.

ps cafe
palais, orchard road

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