Jun 28, 2013

nyc: applebee's

this was a meal by chance. i was supposed to have lunch at nobu and i didn't remember that it was closed on sundays. i was so disappointed. i just started to walk aimlessly towards gershwin theatre where i will watch wicked later on that day.

i was stumped! i knew benihana was nearby but i really didn't want to shell out atleast 30 USD for a meal i wasn't too keen to have. now that i am writing this i forgot that there was a nearby momofoku, darn!

i digress, so applebee's was by chance. but it's not like i was forced to eat there. i also had a goal of trying out these american chains that are not available in asia (applebees has a branch in singapore though) like olive garden and red lobster to name a few. anyway, i just walked in and had my lunch at applebee's.

sorry about the bad lighting, this was margarita queso chicken and shrimp. when i saw my plate i got a  bit apprehensive, the chicken breast looked a bit overcooked and dry. but i was wrong! it was still tender and juicy inside. the salsa, creamy avocado and cheese just made it more flavorful. this was a happy meal. i saw from the website that it was 9.99 but i think, i paid more for it. if i'm not mistaken resto chains in nyc charge more than the ones in other locations.

7th and W 50th
new york, new york

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