Jul 28, 2013

nyc: nobu in nyc

i was torn on whether i should treat myself to a nice aka expensive meal, i was trying to spend less during this trip but i told myself this is the best chance to eat at nobu. i remember my friends dining at the melbourne location and they said it was so good. however, they had the omakase (chef's tasting menu). i, on the other hand only opted for a lunch bento. it wasn't really about the price it was more of a logistics issue since the omakase menu is only served during dinner. 

the bento was served into two "boxes", one for the cold and and one for the hot dishes.

the bento is actually a selection of nobu's signature dishes. i am not sure about the cold ones but definitely the rock shrimp tempura and the black cod miso are two of the resto's famous dishes.

rock shrimp tempura - nothing special,  kinda oily as if the tempura wasn't properly drained or fried at the correct temperature before being tossed with the dressing which wasn't spicy at all. the shrimp was so plump most likely preserved with lye.

black cod miso - ok this was good...but not mind blowing. i don't prefer cod because it's too rich for me but somehow this was just right i guess the miso was able to cut the richness of the fish.

vegetables spicy garlic - again not spicy at all...i guess all the seasonings were catered to the american palate which has low tolerance for spices.

the sashimi salad and sushi were not special at all. oh boy i was really disappointed. i was sitting at the bar in front of the scary sushi chef who scolded the waiter for putting my bento box upside down/wrong order i really expected a lot from the cold dishes. but they weren't special at all. i think it's the quality of the seafood, they were not as fresh as they're supposed to be. and this is coming from someone who eats sushi every week! sad to say i'd rather have sushi here in kl. 

to sum it up, i wasn't impressed with nobu. i would have eaten the same things at a third of the price. the service was top notch though, i mean for a world class chain it's got to be right? the bento costs 45 USD, i forgot how much was the green tea and of course top it off with an additional 20% tip which is customary in the us. though my manzo meal was a bit pricier than this, it was money well spent.

nobu fifty seven
40 west 57th
new york, new york

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