Feb 7, 2014


this was not our intended lunch spot but it was almost 2pm and we were famished i've read about kettle as well so i said we should give it a try.

first of all, this is one of those moments that i know the combination of our food is totally wrong but sometimes you just have to satiate ones cravings.

pork and potato strips. thinly sliced potatoes fried until crisp think piknik, the wider variety but thinner and more crisp plus chunks of lechon kawali, parmesan cheese and truffle oil? this is so wrong in so many levels. i thought i was gonna have a heart attack. i dunno, it's just too cloying/oily for me everything is fried!

buttermilk fried chicken, they are famous for this. but i am not impressed. the chicken was a bit overcooked see how dark it was or they used a super old batch of oil. either way i wasn't impressed. though the honey and gravy did actually work and they obliged with our request to change the corn bread to mashed potato which i think is more apt.

i dunno why i don't have a photo but we also ordered clam chowder! see how rich and mismatched our meal was? it was one those meh meals...i know we ordered the wrong food and i was a bit sick that day so my taste buds were a bit out of whack.

shangri-la east wing

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