Feb 3, 2007

cheesecake factory

i have to say that my cheesecake factory meal is the best meal i've ever had in sf and i would think that jasin (jason) would have to agree. unfortunately, we didn't bring our cameras and we were only left with our mobile phones to capture our food.

for entrees, i had fish tacos shown in the picture below while jasin had salmon with miso sauce. i must say i was envious when i tried his food. it was the best salmon he probably ever had (during our trip he ate salmon almost everyday).

and of course we had to have dessert, after all it's the cheesecake factory. based on the reviews i've read they suggest getting the classic cheesecake. but with all the varieties you will be tempted to try something different. anyway, i got the strawberry cheesecake since i would think it would be made of the classic with strawberries. true enough it was just the regular cheesecake with 3 humongous strawberries. yumyum. the cheesecake factory has a website you might wanna check it out they have several branches in the us.

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