Feb 25, 2007

the food network fan

i guess it's no surprise that i'm a food network viewer since i'm such a foodie. i love italian food so i always watch mario batalli. he had this special wherein he visited little italy in san francisco. i immediately e-mailed pam about it telling her to go visit little italy and try everything mario featured. but one thing that i can't forget in that episode was the meatball sandwich at this old cigar place.

so when i was in sf, i told pam we had to try it. i had to look for the resto's name in the internet and luckily i found it. the place is named mario's. pam also noticed the eggplant sandwich so what we did was order one of each and shared them. there's only one thing that disappointed me, the meatball sandwich did not look as full as it was on the tv. i'm not sure if i described it right but what i meant was the meatballs weren't that humongous as i remembered it. but it was definitely delish. here they are.

roasted eggplant with feta

the meatball sandwich

mario's bohemian cigar store cafe
566 columbus avenue
san francisco, california

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