Dec 26, 2011

happy cream puff

i love cream puffs. i have learned about happy cream puff years ago but only got the chance to try them recently. some say it's better than puff mommy which i highly recommend.

so while on an errand i came across their branch in legaspi village and knew i had to get me some. i got the caramel cream puff, the most common cream puff in manila. the verdict? i did not become a fan. the caramel topping was not sweet so that was the only upside. but the choux pastry was too light and crunchy inside. i like it crunchy on the outside but soft and pillowy in the inside. and even though i can see the vanilla beans specks on the cream filling and the consistency was well done i didn't find any wow factor on the flavor. i expected it to be bursting with vanilla instead the flavor was subtle.

so i still love puff mommy which unfortunately stopped selling their yummy products so i'd have to find another cream puff that i will love.

happy cream puff

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