Oct 27, 2008

seattle's best

this post is a perfect upper for my indolent blogging behavior. i just haven't gotten enough groove to write again. in the meantime, i'd like to share some photos from my favorite coffee place - sbc or seattle's best coffee, even its acronym is similar to starbucks.

i like sbc's blend because it's sweeter, though i noticed the greenbelt branch to have a much sweeter blend than the usual. my favorite drink is javanilla which has now evolved to several variants and not just the plain old rich javanilla which i deem was packed with vanilla ice cream making it uber yummy.

they have rich and great tasting pastries. i shared these with some friends. we had black forest which had a decadent chocolate frosting and a dense but not too rich cheesecake which is a perfect match to our drinks.

and just recently, i had latte and look at the designs they made on top...dunno if this is normal for lattes or they made it as such to differentiate the syrup added. but for a coffee shop chain i wouldn't expect such presentation.

seattle's best
greenbelt 3

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