Nov 3, 2008

fantastic sausages

our tagaytay trip didn't have a specific game plan. went there ahead of everyone else but had to wait for them still. by the time they arrived, they weren't hungry because they just had breakfast while we were famished.

p suggested a "light" but filling meal at a sausage place he doesn't know where. he was able to try it out before as a take out. so we had to go back and forth aguinaldo highway to look for it. the only clue was the shell gas station. and when we were about to eat somewhere else, we spotted the place. small place right before the shell gas station and how could have we missed the huge sausage outside???

they have a house special called looks like a jumbo hotdog. i got the surf and turf meal which originally has the sausage and bun with mashed potato and a southwest salad. i had my mashed potato replaced with fries instead. here it is.

ordered onion ketchup on the side for an extra kick as suggested by p. at an extra cost it made my fries much better. the bamse is perfect. it looks like hotdog but the flavor is different and the skin is perfect. dunno how i should put it but it gives you the perfect bite. it's firm and you that perfect "snap."

the southwest west coast  salad is creamy crabstick salad. kaya pala surf and turf...hehe. it was good. i like the mayo...creamy, i wonder what brand they used and the peas and carrots provided extra texture. as i've said, the original meal is served with mashed potato. from what i've learned the bamse is usually eaten with everything on it. so the mashed potato and southwest west coast salad were piled on top of the sausage sandwich.

they offer other sausages like kielbasa and hungarian which my other friends tried and they said they were equally good. the prices are affordable. the surf and turf meal costs PHP180 i think. so if you find yourself in tagaytay and wanted to get a quick fix but doesn't want the usual pinoy fare you might wanna try this out.

toby and tony's fanstastic sausages
aguinaldo hi-way, tagaytay
right before the shell station


  1. Anonymous2:35 AM

    Thanks for the review.
    just want to say that the westcoast sallad have 90% sourcream and 10% mayo and not only crabsticks but also shrimps and mussels.
    best regards.

  2. that's why it was creamy! thanks for the info. about the shrimps and mussels i didn't have some in my serving but will definitely check it out next time i drop by again.

  3. hi, just got home from disappointed we didn't find this toby and tony's fantastic sausage.. :(

  4. were you trying to find it? i am not sure if it's still there...i hope they are. i should probably check this out next time i got to tagaytay again.