Nov 17, 2008

dinner with crocs

a long overdue post. krocodile grille is one of the those restos that my team in my previous company and i frequent. they have set meals that could actually feed twice the size for what they were intended for.

good value for money for a decent treat of filipino dishes. here's a couple of food items in their menu.

inihaw platter (300 PHP++) i believe that this is a "sulit" dish. you get a variety of grilled meats and seafoods. my favorites in the plate are the tender and flavorful grilled liempo and the catfish (i love hito).

kare-kare (300 PHP++) nothing fancy. straight forward classic dish not as "peanutty" as the home cooked one but definitely a couple of notches higher than other restos which serve kare kare with an instant mix. the meats are the traditional kare kare meats such as tripe.

lengua (200-300 PHP) a recent discovery, thick tender slices of lengua with gravy and garlic bits on top. i love lengua so i really enjoyed this dish.

baked tahong (200-300 PHP) this is one of their bestsellers. completely covered with a thick sauce, the mussels become flavorful but not completely overpowered by the herbed sauce on top.

perfect place for a get together of a huge crowd. prices are affordable and the servings are hefty. good value for money.

krocodile grille
3rd level greenbelt 3

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