Nov 5, 2008

pho hoa

haven't blogged about one of my favorite restaurants. though i've said that zao has already beaten pho hoa especially on the fresh spring roll category, the ubiquity of the latter still makes it as one of my favorite places.

just had lunch here today and decided to take some pics.

a bowl of seafood pho. this is my initial favorite. but i have come to love the very light but flavorful meatball pho as well the one with tendons.

would not be complete without some beansprouts, lemon and thai basil. add some chopped chili too...for me i prefer using the siracha and hoisin that makes the broth perfect!

this is my first time to try out the stir fried curry noodle dish. i've gotten tired of my vermicelli bowl with grilled chicken diet. the dish was flavorful, lots of spices and ample ingredients. huge serving, i wasn't able to finish mine and i am a heavy eater. this one could be split into two and you could try other dishes or a side dish like fresh or fried spring rolls. love it!

pho hoa
sm north
paseo center

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