Nov 27, 2008

giant pizzas

it's not a battle of giant pizzas. i just got the chance to try new gigantic pizzas. the first one is from xtremely xpresso in subic.

huge pizza, with a normal crust similar to 3M hehe but of better quality. the texture is not your typical oily or thick crust. the toppings are generous, lots of mozzarella cheese and meat toppings. the pic is the big ben i think which is the everything on it house special. i actually forgot, it's been so long already. very cheap, the largest one is just around 600-700 PHP, 22" inch in diameter.

next one is niro's 30 inch pizza. the pic is the margherita flavor which is plain tomato sauce and cheese. the pepperoni is my favorite because it's spicy, has a nice kick. this one has a thin and chewy crust and not oily at all, close to an authentic italian pizza. the 30 inch pizzas go for 900 PHP and up.

both are interesting, value for money goes to xtremely xpresso but then you have to travel up north to try it. niro's is the closest italian pizza you can get in the huge pizza category. but i like the niro pizza much better because of the crust and the distinct flavors.

xtremely xpresso
#1 dewey ave. cor. sta. rita st.
sbma, zambales

pizza niro
G/F, ayala dela rosa 1 carpark, dela rosa st. (near perea st.),
(02) 387-7395

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  1. Anonymous7:41 AM

    the first pizza looks good