Dec 1, 2008

wagyu heaven or not?

just a stone's throw away from my office, i haven't tried malcolm's wagyu offerings which they are famous for. convinced by my colleague's testament on how great their burgers were, i made sure that the next time i get a burger craving i'll get the fix from malcolm's.

we got freebie fried wontons with a mayo dip. and while waiting we got the ABS - apple bacon salad (175 PHP). strips of bacon, chopped apple and slivers of cheese with a mustard based dressing. the salad is ok...the greens are not fresh - not crisp and vibrant. they better rethink calling it the "great abs".

finally it came, wagyu burger (400 PHP) thick burger patty in a bun with potato wedges on the side. the bun, nothing special. i would expect some fancy or distinct burger bun but it was a typical commercially available bun. anyway, it's time to check the patty. burnt on the outside? a way to seal in the juices? as i cut through the patty no juices came out, my medium well burger is mostly still red. i cannot determine what's the wagyu in this lump of ground beef. a burger that is dry in the insides with a crispy/burnt outer layer. what's wrong with this 400 peso lump of beef??? everything!!! it was disappointing. the only saving grace are the potato wedges and garlic mayo that was a perfect side dish.

the other menu items are still worth the try. i actually enjoy the grilled vegetables sandwich and the salpicao is also good. overall, malcolm's offer other promising dishes, just don't bank on the wagyu that much.

malcolm's place
hv dela costa cor. tordesillas
salcedo village, makati

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