Dec 22, 2008

thai fix at som's

whenever i'm with my friend g to eat out, we would always get rerouted to somewhere. i'd like to think that the reroute usually ends up at a much better place.

i was meaning to try out chariya's kitchen, i dunno if it was dark that we missed the place and we found ourselves ending up in rockwell. so where else to get cheap thai fix but som's. believe it or not i haven't eaten at this place. even my non-foodie friends have already eaten here and to think that i love thai cuisine.

got some thai iced tea. i like that they give them to you warm which means they've been recently made. with the turnaround of people at this place, i'm sure food is always prepared fresh.

got some fried spring rolls (PHP 80). this was a generous serving, golden brown with a very apt condiment. the roll itself was a bit bland for my taste but considering i had colds, i'd think it was just rightly seasoned. but the winner really is the condiment. it was sweet and a bit hot that complemented the rolls very well.

my thai meal will not be complete if there's no pad thai (PHP 120). huge serving of rice noodles. but that's just about it. it looked like anemic noodles with bean sprouts and a couple of tofu and chopped nuts. the noodles were also too sweet for my taste. i'd have to say that this was a let down. they could probably charge more for a better tasting and looking pad thai and people will not mind.

also got tofu in red curry (PHP 120). i love the curry sauce. it was well seasoned. the flavors were just bursting in my mouth especially the basil leaves which made a huge difference. as for the tofu, it was just too firm. even tokwa would have been more softer or tender than the ones they used in the dish. maybe if you get chicken or beef then it would be perfect.

overall, it was a pleasant meal. very budget friendly, just don't expect a nice ambiance. it's just good affordable thai food located in one of the most expensive areas in the metro.

algier st. (parallel to lopez drive)
from powerplant going to kalayaan it's on the right.
literally over the bakod from rockwell.


  1. Anonymous4:58 PM

    I haven't been to Som's but have always heard about it and often get invites from friends to hangout at this place. I'll put this in my "must visit" list.

  2. try it some time. it took me years to finally visit this place considering i work in makati and it was by chance.

  3. Anonymous8:50 PM

    the pad thai looks lousy

  4. yeah it was really bad.