Dec 8, 2008

savory (sa - bo -ri )

savory is a chinese chicken resto. i never knew when it really became famous but it's not as mainstream like the others. my fondest memories of this resto is when i was around 10 years old and every time i get my acupuncture treatments in escolta, my mom would treat me to savory afterwards.

i've never tried their chicken though. i always get the cheeseburger. huge juicy patty that appears to be steamed. lately, i have seen posts on this chicken chain that has suddenly become ubiquitous around the metro. i was itching to try the chicken to find out what's the fuss all about. when i visited the place, i found the the prices are affordable. they have set meals for 2 or more people which basically appears to be a lauriat of some sort with several food items.

got the half chicken, pansit, salt and pepper squid combo (PHP 300 ++). it comes with rice, drinks and buchi and turon for dessert and is good for two people. the chicken was tender and flavorful has the hint of star anise which makes this fried chicken very chinese. the other items were ok, not spectacular but you'll get your money's worth.

even though i am not fond of lomi, there was this picture over the internet of savory's lomi (PHP 180) that looked appetizing so i tried it. a bit pricey for a simple dish but when it came and i saw how much ingredients were in it, i'd have to say that it was worth every peso.

the place is very budget friendly and has efficient customer service which probably explains why there's still a huge turnaround of customers even after lunch time. very good place for a quick chinese fix - traditional chinese menu but much better than chinese fastfood.

sm north edsa

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  1. I have memories of having Savory chicken for special occasions as a kid. It's good to know that it still has the star anise-y flavor I remember from my childhood.