Dec 10, 2008

s&b curry

been seeing s&b curry in supermarkets but i have no clue on how to use it. eventually, some bloggers posted about this japanese curry cubes. so i've decided to give it a try. this is the medium hot variant.

i don't like plain meat like chunks of meat used in usual filipino dishes. i enjoy cuts like the pork belly and the beef cut with loads of litid (tendon) but these are unhealthy cuts due to high fat and cholesterol content. so i decided to use "buto buto" which are basically pork ribs cut into small pieces. the bones give the sauce more flavor.

i sauteed the meat with garlic and onions and a little fish sauce similar to how filipino dishes are initially cooked. simmered the meat with water until tender and added some potatoes and carrots. after which, i added the curry, i used half of one plastic container which equates to 2 cubes. i let it simmer until the veggies were cooked and the sauce thickened. and voila, i now have a pork japanese curry fix paired with whole wheat couscous, this has suddenly become a comfort food of some sort.


  1. Anonymous8:51 AM

    Ang aga mo mag post ah! =)

    I like this Japanese curry cubes too! Can't imagine jap restos charging 350php for a curry dish and it tastes the same!

  2. I love those cubes! Why don't you try out this recipe I created:

    I assure you that it's quite good.

  3. @midge - thanks for the recipe. mala hamburg curry ng ucc i was thinking of copying that but then i'll just use meatballs.

    @whiff - maaga ba? leave kase ako eh hahaha maaga akong nagising as usual. onga eh ang mahal sa restos eh ang daling gawin naman hehe. no more curry for me at restos.