Dec 23, 2008

a few more treats before the year ends

i may not like chocolate but i love sweets. it needs to balance out my palate post a savory meal. this time my friends and i decided to get some cakes from the famous karen young. you need a minimum purchase of PHP 1500 to get it delivered for free. wrapped in an aptly decorated box, the aroma wafts as you open it. now, that's a good sign. but i still won't be able to comment on them since they are not all mine and they are bound to be eaten on christmas day. i'm so happy to be stress free and yet have a glorious dessert. after my horrific cake/dessert buying experience last year i have vowed to get the best desserts without much hassle. this is just for sharing. hope you have great holiday meals everyone!

caramel mousse (PHP 900)

strawberry shortcake (PHP 900)

chocolate ganache (PHP 600)

karen's kitchen


  1. the caramel mousse was not sweet at all. i'm really not a chocolate person so i could not rave about it that much. but i love the caramel touch in this dessert and the chunks of chocolate in between the cake and mousse is just a surprise. very good!

    @u8mypinkcookies - merry christmas to you too =)