Jan 4, 2009

starting the year with solihiya

my ofw friends are increasing in number but they're primarily based here in asia so coming home is just a breeze. last night i got an impromptu dinner invite from someone who kept his return date a secret. i actually thought he already left manila but was surprised to get a call from him - an impromptu dinner, which i obliged to.

we tried out solihiya. it's basically chinese-filipino cuisine. i was expecting chinoy cuisines...chinese dishes that have been localized like pansit but to my surprise i found distinctly filipino dishes like bulalo and sinigang.

we got some freebie appetizers - pickled quail eggs, crispy anchovies (dilis) and jicama strips (singkamas).

the sponsor and i, being tofu lovers had to get some tofu dishes. we tried breaded tofu, lightly breaded soft tofu cubes which was perfectly cooked and served with a black vinegar sauce.

we also got tausi fish, which is fish fillet with tofu. a unique set of flavors for a typical fish with tausi dish, i could taste the ginger flavor but didn't find one strip or i might have just been oblivious. it was well seasoned.

the sizzling bulalo was perfect. tender meat with all the tendons and bone marrow served with a mild gravy. would have wanted the beef to be more flavorful but for those who are not too keen on salty food then it was perfectly seasoned.

the solihiya fried chicken is basically the chinese style fried chicken flavored with star anise. much like savory's chicken.

we also got sinigang na ulo ng salmon but since they served them in separate bowls, i didn't get to take a picture of it.

overall, it was a pleasant meal. no misses among the dishes and the bright colored interiors gave a clean, sleek and inviting ambiance. i'd think that the relatively steeper price is due to the location. the menu items can be had at other establishments at a much affordable price unless you are craving for two dishes or more at the same time. but if you decide to try this place i'd recommend the sizzling bulalo and for the tofu lovers the tausi fish and breaded tofu.

level 3, greenbelt 5

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