Jan 7, 2009

best jap resto in town: sugi

winning as the best japanese resto in the recent mbkrs compelled me to finally eat at this place.

we got some freebie appetizer which is eggplant with some sauce in it. the eggplant was perfectly cooked, i was impressed on how the eggplant was fried and yet maintained its color and form.

got the soft shell crab roll (PHP 280). crunchy and flavorful softshell crab with creamy mayo in a roll. hard to eat but definitely worth the try. i love softshell crab!

from the chef's recommendation menu, we got the gyu kobashira steak (PHP 460). it's beef with scallops with some veggies. nothing spectacular about it. just ate the veggies and scallops because i was gearing away from meat. i also found the sauce a bit strong considering i was sick and my palate is still unable to capture most of the flavors of what i've been eating lately.

another teppanyaki type dish is the kaki kari kari yaki (PHP 340). i was already set on getting this one so it was a non negotiable. crispy oysters cooked in a sauce with shiitake and spinach. i love the veggies and of course the crispy and yet flavorful oysters. since both dishes tasted almost the same i found this more interesting because of the contrast in texture and the more unique veggies that comes with it.

i was very pleased with this meal. the softshell crab roll really did it for me. i would love to eat here again and make sure to try out the other dishes. they have bento meals for lunch that costs around PHP 500 which i deem is reasonably priced especially with the inclusions.

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