Jan 5, 2009

finger lickin coffee

i just had to write about this, i was so irritated the other night when i had coffee at the first starbucks in the philippines. for those who do not know which one, it's the 6750 branch.

i ordered two drinks, a caramel macchiato and toffee nut. so i was holding the two cups and the temperature difference was really obvious. it was like holding a gloria jeans cup once again. my macchiato was relatively cold...actually it was cold. so i had them reheat it. c even said, you should have asked them to replace it. i said, it's ok. so it was taking them a long time to reheat it and i was having stomach pains that time so i couldn't really stand that long to wait.

i was already embarassed because it was my other friends who were watching out for it. but when all their orders were already out i had to stand up and wait for it. so finally, it's my macchiato..and what do i see? the barista accidentally dipping her finger in the cup. they ignored the incident then covered it and were bound to shout out my name when i said, do you really plan on serving that to me? then they just said, they will replace it. no apologies whatsoever, so my eyes were intently looking at the new cup, the pitcher where they put the milk and all that sh!t to make sure they don't put anything nasty in my new cup. how was the cup? it didn't taste like caramel at all and it was basically hot milk, which in this case was favorable due to my stomach pains. the point is, i wonder how many times that happened in starbucks. now i feel the need to really watchout for my coffee to make sure it's hygienically prepared. the move from greenbelt to 6750 was really a bad decision...scarred for life na ang sb 6750 saken. tsk tsk.


  1. That was really disturbing. I haven't been to Starbucks at 6750 in a very long time; it's horrible to hear things aren't as nice as they were when it opened.

  2. yeah suddenly i got paranoid with my coffee.