Jan 21, 2009

a date with john and yoko

had dinner with my friends from company xx and the guys wanted japanese. i would have suggested haiku but then i kinda got a haiku overdose during my last outing. so i thought of john and yoko at greenbelt 5.

we found nemo (PHP 790) is a platter of sushi and sashimi. it has the philadephia roll, 2 other rolls which i do not know, kani, tuna and salmon sashimi. we all liked the philadelphia roll and the salmon sashimi, it was delectable in the palate. so for this platter, the salmon items were a hit.

for our mains, we got scallop teppan (PHP 399), which my friend j wanted. it's basically scallops cooked teppanyaki style but were served on the shells. very straight forward, if they have huge scallops inside i might have been wowed.

another shellfish is the baked oysters which i geared away from because it was night time and don't want to get into any stomach trouble.

fried green chicken (PHP 228), is fried chicken with nori bits. i find the chicken dry and overcooked.

the best thing in this meal for me would be the japaella. well cooked rice, soft and tender with the japanese flavors lingering in your palate topped with huge shrimps and very tender chicken teriyaki. this is probably a reason for me to come back.

they serve bottomless iced tea at PHP 108, pretty steep but it's bottomless and you have access to three flavors. they are all colored iced teas with red for calamansi, green for lime and blue for dalanghita. wasn't able to try the green one but i loved the dalanghita flavor.

john and yoko
second level, greenbelt 5


  1. Anonymous12:26 PM

    Wow thanks for sharing this. I didn't know that the three iced tea colors correspond to three different citrus fruits. I thought the colors were just for fancy although I did noticed that they seem to have different level of sourness.

    We ordered the Nemo platter and liked it as well, especially the tuna and salmon sashimi.

    We tried the Wagyu beef since my uncle said that it is good and an expensive beef. When we received the dish there were only a few servings of the wagyu beef, my uncle reasoned that it is because it is really expensive. :| I find it too oily though. I wonder if it just have something to do with the way they cooked it.

    If ever we visit here again, I would suggest to them that we try the Japaella as you seem very satisfied with it. :]

  2. Anonymous12:56 PM

    John and Yoko is okay. It's just an upcale version of SumoSam. If you and your friends are going out again, visit Nanbantei of Tokyo in GB3. I'm not sure if you've tried it though. :-)

  3. @ cenganan - thanks for visiting. yup the iced teas are different.
    wagyu is fatty, the selling point of this beef is that it is well marbled with fat that makes it more tender. for the japaella just take note that it has that fishy taste from the seaweed/konbu or bonito shavings probably used in the broth to cook the rice. but the chicken was really tender which i liked the most.

  4. @ b'ley yeah it is an upscale version of sumosam, i was just not into mainstream japanese that night that's why i suggested the place. nanbentei is on top of mind especially with the review you made. might wanna try that one out next time.

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  6. hi caren, thanks for visiting. i don't really go on events so it's probably someone else. will check out your posts too.