Dec 14, 2008

dining at myron's place

the first myron's was at rockwell and it made quite a stir in lori's blog. back then, i was not my usual carnivore self so it never piqued my interest.

however, recently, the meatlover in me has had an awakening of some sort. i had a steak craving and i've thought of myron's place at greenbelt which i've learned has a very nice ambiance compared to the rockwell branch.

had freebie bread, the bread was soft but that was pretty much it.

my friend c had the braised lamb shank (PHP 575), it was so huge! we were amazed on how big it was. it has a very rich morrocan inspired sauce with apricots and almonds that makes a perfect blend of flavors and textures in the palate. the lamb was very tender and the tendons were gelatinous which made it even more yummy. however, i deem that the mashed potato wasn't really a good starch for this dish. it would have been perfect to have couscous on the side (the couscous lover me kicking in) or a nice serving of long grained rice for the rice lovers out there.

as for my craving, i settled with the bianca's cut (PHP 900) which is 240 grams of us certified angus ribeye. i even saw how it was cut from this huge slab of beef before it was sent to the kitchen for further cooking. i had mine done medium well which was perfect - cooked through but still pinkish and tender. had 3 types of sauces, my favorite would be the shiraz- cabernet jus because of its strong flavors. the peppercorn was not significant - i was expecting a hot/peppery gravy but it was not flavorful enough for me and similarly the mushroom gravy was a bit bland as well. it had roasted garlic, carrots and zucchini on the side with a choice of potato - i chose baked potato.

i felt like splurging that i ordered foie gras on the side. i actually forgot to mention that i prefer the choice cut which means it has foie gras too. i was saddened by how small the foie gras was =). it satiatied my cravings for a melt in your mouth experience but in restrospect i don't think it's worth the additional PHP 350.

overall, it was a great meal. good service, nice ambiance and good food. i wouldn't have second thoughts coming back.

myron's place

g/f greenbelt 5


  1. yup, looks like a great meal... :)

  2. yup it was. try it some time.

  3. Anonymous5:00 PM

    I have been to Myron's 3x already. I always order their Franco's cut and share it with my friend. I know that I will be coming back to Myron's again. :-)

  4. good thing you also got a pleasurable dining experience. this place got some mixed reviews too.