Dec 18, 2008

fish and co.

all day i was thinking of getting some chinese fix. i first got some tea which i was craving for...yes i crave for tea. and then, i got hooked by the fish and co. ads.

hmmm....i simply got a craving for seafoods. i don't like the fish and chips because it's cream of dory and after reading the cream of dory email i no longer want to eat it. i want mussels or oysters....but it's bad on an empty stomach....

so finally i got prawn fritters (PHP 315 +VAT) lightly battered prawns that was just yummy. it's been a long time since i've eaten here so i was surprised that they already changed their chili to the green variant. i got extra chili but still failed to tickle my taste buds. you always have to mix all the condiments - garlic, chili and tartar sauce to have that perfect dip.

a compromise to my shellfish craving is mussels penne in garlic cream sauce (PHP 321 + VAT) still has carbs but it's not rice. very lighly seasoned, the sauce is thick but not creamy at all and there's something wrong with the garlic flavor, i just couldn't figure out what. not too strong which is perfect but it doesn't have that garlic essence.

i liked the prawn fritters but the pasta is a let down. straight forward almost everything fried seafoods which will satiate your cravings if ever you do get one.

fish and co.
greenbelt 3
shangri-la mall


  1. the prawns were really good. thanks for visiting!